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VoIP is no longer a luxury. It has become a strategic requirement for any business to strive for maintaining competitive ness while managing collective information. Our Experts will implement best quality telecommunication features without the use of expensive on-premises hardware. Cloud PBX can save you substantial costs and relieve you from the worries of management. Our unified communications will bring all your video/audio conferencing, email and messaging etc. together in a single solution. Take your communications to the cloud and you can benefit even more by avoiding the limitations of your old phone system.


Voice over Internet Protocol takes analog audio signals (voice over) and converts them to digital data to be transmitted over the internet (Internet Protocol), this way your standard internet connection can be used to make phone calls. VoIP makes long distance phone calls a breeze. You do not need hefty subscription packages anymore and the days of installing expensive hardware equipment are a far cry from today’s low cost VoIP services.


Voice communications, especially long- distance calling can be very costly for small businesses and can take a huge chunk or your savings/revenue. While calling a person halfway across the world, the first thing you worry about is the phone bill. For this and many other reasons VoIP is the way to go.


Minutes are the biggest concern and unfortunately the most expensive component amongst the phone bill constituents for long distance telephony. Moreover, steep upfront costs and recurring maintenance charges and upgrading (scaling) costs add to the overall cost of the system. Regular telephony differs from VoIP services in away that it regards every phone call a data transmission. The calls are made over the Internet hence eliminating unnecessary phone costs (hardware, line rentals, Per minute charges for calls, fluctuating rates for every country) and ultimately making use of resources more efficiently.


With traditional old system PSTN (Packet-switched Telephone Network). The user is required to pay for every minute they are on the phone with international calls a lot more expensive. VoIP uses internet as a basic foundation. So all calls are digitally converted and transmitted via an internet connection. This typically requires a fast broadband connection. All the calls you make, Local or international, will amount to only your monthly internet bill. With VoIP you can make unlimited calls (depending on the package, internet speed etc.) and still not worry about rising costs.


With a traditional phone line only two person can talk with each other. VoIP gives u the benefit of setting up conference calls with multiple people in different regions simultaneously in real time. A group of people sitting in an office can call their fellow colleague who is in a different location, to get his insights by letting him join the conference call without worrying about extra charges. VoIP uses data compression technology to condense data packets. These flattened out data packets are then transmitted and handled by the carrier. Due to compressed data, a larger amount of data can be handled by the carrier which results in tackling multiple calls on a single access line.


Conferencing Bridge offers you an alternative way to reduce travel expenses. Although, outsourcing to a conference call service can be cost effective for small businesses, sometimes users may find that they are saving more especially when they use Conferencing more often. Owning an in-house system is guarantee to gain you quicker return on investments soon after you switch to one. Conference bridges have become desired featured now days for all business sizes as it can be hosted virtually or on-premises depending on the requirements of the business. Expensive servers, routers or applications that act as Conference Bridge are no longer a necessity for audio video conferencing. Handle all your audio video streams from standard IP/PBX servers.


Stay connected to your business even when you don’t have a cell signal. Your calls can be directly send to your assigned email address when the caller is not able to reach you. This is particularly useful when you are out of region where you cannot accept calls due to poor reception. The call goes to the voicemail which is in turn sent to your email address in .WAV or.MP3 format. WAV and MP3 are the most commonly recognized and widely used audio formats so you don’t have to think once for compatibility issues.



Our service does not end at consultation or installation. We offer support 24/7 so you can operate uninterruptedly. ITech Plus provides support that you can rely on. Our service offers plug and play where we can send equipment to your doorstep at pre-configured specs. Or you can get it according to your requirement at any time.


FoIP works differently then VoIP. It requires a T38 capable VoIP gateway along with a T38 fax machine and software. ITech Plus’s FoIP includes advanced Fax servers that can receive faxes and be converted into PDF to be sent via email (Fax to Email). The T38 protocol makes this truly a great feature that allows Faxes through a VoIP gateway without the need of investing in additional hardware.

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